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Chap. 3 A View toward the Dragon
The dragon in Shonan is unique.
This chapter introduces the Katase/Koshigoe district where the dragon that separated from the Tennyo lives. There are lively shopping areas and many shrines which tell the vivid history, and the Ryuko-ji temple, the Yakkadera (8 temples) and the Manpuku-ji temple which is remembered for its association with Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Furthermore, you can see the situation of the people that have lived their lives with the ocean catching fish, and the Tenno Festival, which is a representative festival of Shonan. The film which captured a historical pageant which took place before World War II is also worth seeing.
A View toward the Dragon
Katase/Koshigoe and Tenno Festival
Let's take a look at the area of the mountain where it is said that the dragon made his final transformation.There are ranges of slightly elevated mountains, facing Kamakura. It looks exactly like a dragon. Let'go there.
Ryukomyojin Shrine (Tatsunokuchi)
There it is. Its name is Tatsunokuchi, which means a mouth of a dragon.There is also the Ryukomyo Shrine.
Today the dragon with 5 heads has moved and is enshrined in Kamakura.
Ryukomyojin Shrine (Koshigoe)
Enoshima Engi (the history scroll kept at Iwamotoro)
This Ryukomyo also appears in the "Enoshima History Scroll." "If there are traitors, behead them and line their heads up where I can get a good view."
Historical remains of the execution site
As a mouth of a dragon suggests, Tatsunokuchi used to be a scary place where executions of the Kamakura Shogunate took place.
Ryuko-ji Temple Head temple and the sacred sites of the Nichiren sect
Next to the Ryukomyo Shrine is the Ryuko-ji Temple.
It is the place remembered in connection with its association with Nichiren Shonin, founder of the Nichiren sect who narrowly survived his execution in Kamakura Period.
He presented the "Rissho Ankoku Ron" to the rulers 3 times.
Nichiren Shonin presented his "Rissho Ankoku Ron" to the rulers. In it, he criticized the prejudiced oppression towards religion and the common people under the Shogunate.
Spiritual cave
Because of this, he was captured for the "crime of vilifying the Shogunate" and almost was executed at this execution site.However, miraculously, he was able to avoid his execution and was exiled to Sado Island.
The precincts are spacious and there is a lot to see such as buildings and shrines with distinctive qualities and historical remains which show the persecution towards the religious sect.
During the events held throughout the year, the place becomes busy as believers from all over the country, the local people, and tourists pay a visit.
Five-story pagoda(Built by Japanese Cypress Sheet Copper Roofing)
This Five Storeyed Pagoda is an only full-scale wooden building in Kanagawa prefecture. It is chosen to "100 selections of Kanagawa buildings"
From the Busshari Tower located on the top, you can view the coastal line where Enoshima floats.
Busshari Tower
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