Chap. 1
The beginning of "The New Shonan Legend." The sub-title is "Tennyo (Heavenly Maiden), Dragon and Botamochi (Japanese rice dumpling)."
The images, which appear one after another like a picture scroll, are the opening. Why don't you check out for yourself with your own eyes, the "Tennyo (Heavenly Maiden)" "Dragon" or the "Botamochi (Japanese rice dumpling)" or whether those three keywords are relative or not and further expand your imagination?
We recommend that you watch it again after you finish watching the main program.
At 35 degrees North Latitude and 139 degrees east longitude, located right in the center of the Japanese archipelago, Shonan's sky and ocean are divided by the horizon and the gentle sloping coastline separates its ocean and land.
If you were a Tennyo (or a Heavenly maiden), where would you like to land? I was thinking, could it be Enoshima, that tiny island sticking out?
The New Shonan Legend
Tennyo, Dragon and Botamochi

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