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Chap. 2 A View toward the Legend
This surprised the dragon and when he looked up in the sky, there appeared a Tennyo, breaking through the clouds. This Tennyo was an incarnation of the goddess Benten.
The dragon with 5 heads, attracted by the beauty of the Tennyo, asked her to marry him. However, she rejected his offer until he stopped his evil deeds.
After the dragon thought hard, he decided to follow her words and promised that he would stop his evil deeds.
How clever. She did a great job reforming this dragon.
After the dragon was with the Tennyo for a while, he again promised her that he would stop his evil deeds and left Enoshima and became a mountain. It is written that the name of the mountain is Mt. Ryuko.
The history scroll also talks about the many miracle workings of the goddess Benten and finishes where the Shogun thought as Minamoto no Sanetomo built a new shrine pavilion.
So, you see, the Tennyo was the goddess Benten.
Happi Benzaiten(Possession of Iwamotoro)
In the Iwamotoro, another goddess Benten remains.
Like the sculpture in the Enoshima Shrine, her figure of the syncretism with the Ugashin (or a god with a body of a snake) introduces the imagery of the medieval periods, as she holds a sacred gem in her hands.
Based on this legend, a new tourist site has been created.
Lover's hill(the bell representing the dragon's love)
It is the lovers' hill located in the southern area of this Iwaya road.With the cooperation of people making a commitment as they hope for eternal love, the Fujisawa City Tourist Association completed this bell representing the dragon's love in 1996.
It is wonderful that legends are passed down in this manner. Enoshima is definitely an island of Tennyo, filled with romanticism.
the former panoramic tower
The new panoramic tower
By the way, what happened to the dragon afterwards? Let's look for him as we climb the panoramic tower, which is the symbol of Enoshima.
From the panoramic tower, you can get a 360-degree view of the wide ocean and the sky.
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