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Chap. 2 A View toward the Legend
Enoshima Daishi
The height of the principle image, AKA-Fudo,Is 6 m and it is the largest statue in Japan situated indoors.
Now, let's head toward the Oiwaya which was once called the Hongu in the Edo period.
This road called Iwaya-michi has a nice view and has a lot of historic sites.
Gunenhosaizo Koshin Tower(important cultural assets of the Fujisawa City)
Enoshima Shrine Okutsunomiya Hongu Otabijo
The Okutsunomiya was called the Hongu Otabijyo (or a temporary spot for the Mikoshi
Old painting of a Turtle Gazing Around (Painted by Hoitsu Sakai)
On the ceiling of the Shrine Gate, there is a mysterious picture of a turtle. Why is it mysterious? Well, try to think about that after you have seen it from different angles.
The Chigo-ga-Fuchi is known for the tragedy of the Chigo (or a boy servant named Shiragiku).
Monument inscribed with Nankaku Hattori's poem Monument inscribed with Basho's haiku
Let's take a break half way up the stairs. Even if you weren't Basho, it's definitely a sight, which makes you want to create a haiku.
Iwaya Caves at Enoshima
The Oiwaya is a cave which was naturally created through time over a period of several tens of thousands of years. It is also called the Dragon Cave and it is the oldest religious spot in Enoshima.
I see... it is mysterious. There are remains of sculptures made by stone, but there were more in the old days. It is said that here, the goddess Myoon Benten that plays the biwa at the Hoanden was also worshipped.
Enoshima Engi (history scroll)The history scroll kept at Iwamotoro
An old legend is introduced here. It is a picture scroll called the Enoshima Engi. There are several remaining scrolls depicting history, but the oldest picture scroll is kept at the Iwamotoro, which used to be in charge of this cave.
A long time ago, in a place called the Fukazawa in Kamakura, there was an evil dragon with five heads, which made the life of villagers miserable by causing hard rainstorms
No matter how many sacrifices the villagers offered, the dragon's evil deeds would not stop.
One day, the skies and the earth were heavily shaken. When the sea bubbled up, the rocks rose and an island was created.
That island was Enoshima.
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